Listings posted on Whoomies are only shown on the app and website if they have been validated by our team.
To find your way around more easily, the listings posted are necessarily linked to a specific status.
Here are the different statuses to which your ads can be attached to:

  • Created: your ad is created and saved. You can now submit it to our teams so that it is validated and visible to Whoomies users.
  • Sent: Your ad has been created, saved and submitted. It is awaiting validation.
  • Posted: Your ad has been validated by the team and is now published on Whoomies. You can now find it by going to the "home" tab of the application and clicking on "my listings", if you wish to modify it.
  • Rejected: your ad was rejected because it does not correspond to our chart of validity.
  • Expired: Your ad has expired because it has been more than a year since you made any changes or no interactions with it.
  • Deactivated: Your ad has been deactivated because it does not correspond to the Whoomies chart or has been reported as a scam.
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